How to Make Money with Surveys Online

Posted 6/7/2016

how to make money with surveys online"How to earn money with online surveys" is one of the most searched terms on internet. This is based on the fact that all major companies need feedback based surveys.  


Every company is desperate to know the mind of the customer, which products are the best and why from a customer point of view. The feedback from the surveys helps them to either modify a failed product or to keep in mind for the upcoming products.

This task of getting the feedback from the customers is taken by the independent market research companies. There are a lot of them spread across the world dealing with different industries at the same time.

The research companies are those we see on the internet asking us to take part in their surveys. Hundreds of market research firms are looking for survey takers and you may be one of them.

These survey companies need a variety of sections of people to complete the surveys. They are looking for Skilled Professionals, Movie Buffs, Gamers and Sports Enthusiasts, Political Views, College students, Home Moms those who purchase and to many more categories.

For each survey you can get paid from $1 to $15, taking part in focus groups will make up to $100 an hour and phone surveys can earn you $10. Apart from these occasionally you get free samples of new product, which you can try and keep it for yourself.

All the genuine survey companies are free to join and earn. Do not fall into scams where companies ask you to pay for their survey company lists. If someone is asking you to pay for membership or subscription fees before hand to take a survey it can be a scam site. Actually these companies should pay you for sharing your opinion.

To start with sign free membership to as many companies as possible. Create a separate email account for this purpose so that you will not spam your official mail with these part time job activities. Check the mails regularly as you will receive a couple of surveys each month from each of these survey companies. Check back to their site if you are not getting E-mail alerts asking to take part in their surveys. Easy tip will be to add their E-mail ID to you safe list so that they won't end up in your spam box.

Always read the instructions when you want to sign up for survey sites, as some sites will award points or entry into a sweepstakes. Normally you get paid through PayPal or check in your local currency. Survey companies like Global Test Market will award you with 5 points (0.25$) to take part in each survey even if you do not qualify. These companies also have the referral programs where you get a dollar or so for every person you join.

How much you earn all depends upon the frequency of mails you receive from the survey companies and how many you qualify. Most of the time you qualify as they are sent based on your profile and your habits.

As every survey is targeted towards a particular audience, segregating them based on different factors like gender, country, educational background and to which field you relate. This is not a get rich scheme but like a hobby or a part time job which will add a little extra income.

I have tried to prepare a list of free survey sites which I have heard till now. Explore these entire survey sites and sign membership to as many as possible; happy earnings.

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