How to Make Money Downloading Apps, Music & Movies

Posted 6/9/2016

make money downloading apps, music & moviesIf you are wondering, is it ever possible to earn money by simply downloading files on the internet; yes, it’s possible and it’s a huge business online. At one point of time we need to download a lot of stuff from internet.

What if we get paid for those downloads along with the file we get on to our computer or mobile? There are a lot of ways we can earn money downloading stuff online. We can earn money for downloading free movies, music and software.

How much you can earn depends upon the size and type of the files and which country it was downloaded. You can earn up to 50$ per 1000 downloads on an average. The bigger the file the more earnings you get. Bit-torrents are becoming more and more popular now a day’s which facilitates peer to peer transfer of files.

When a data file is uploaded on the internet, the data spreads to every corner of the world with massive torrents sites being operational online. This is creating an opportunity to earn money for every one; for the site owners and the visitors who download the files.

There are a lot of websites which are now paying for downloads for all countries instead of only the English speaking countries which used to be earlier. The below is how the paid to download websites classify; where the download happened and how much they would get.

Tier 1 Countries: USA, United Kingdom, Canada.
Tier 2 Countries: United Arab Emirates, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain
Tier 3 Countries: Qatar, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Russia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, South Africa, Turkey, Mexico, and Malaysia
Tier 4 Countries: All Others

Paid to download Files:
There are a lot of websites on the net where we can download a lot of stuff like movies, photos, mp3, music videos, screen savers, TV shows and so on. When you download from these sites, you will be paid for each download and when you reach the minimum you can request for the withdrawal.

Why they pay to the visitors is that for each download, while downloading you need to wait for some time either watching an picture or video AD or completing a short survey before you can actually download the file. This is how AD or Survey revenues are generated and shared between the website and the visitor who is downloading the file.

Paid to download Apps: 
With the onset of the smart phones like iphone and android the importance of Apps has tremendously increased. A lot of Apps are created every day and there is such a massive database of Apps available that we even don’t know at least one percent of them. We come to know only the top and famous Apps.

This is creating an opportunity in the form of downloading apps. The developers of these new Apps are read to pay to visitors if they download their App and give them feedback on how it works. A good example is the App called App Redeem ( which pays you for downloading App trailers and watching a full function of the app in 30 sec length videos.

Paid to download Software: 
This is a Pay per Install program where you will be paid for each download and installing the software. This is very important for developers so that their software will spread across the world for which they are ready to pay. This is different from the above ways of making money from downloads as they pay for each download and not for 1000 downloads.

The process is quite simple here. Users download software, accept or reject the ads or offers displayed, install the software and get paid when finished installing.

You get paid more for these type of downloads. They pay up to $1 per install. is a good example of these types of websites which pay for installing programs where they pay for each downloaded software.

Users should be very cautious while dealing with paid to download or paid to install websites as there is a greater risk of viruses. So be cautious and download only from trussed sources or trusted persons. Install a good anti-virus to the system or the mobile. Another good way of preventing viruses is to scan each file or folder which you have downloaded even before you open it.

Paid to download is one of the fastest ways to make money online as we normally tend to download a lot of stuff every day. There are a lot of people who earn a lot with downloading files, Apps and software. You need to be cautious and find the genuine websites which are malware free and actually paying. Happy earnings.

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