How to Make Money with Data Entry

Posted 6/11/2016

Data entry is the simplest form of work and the most searched term on the internet in the category of home based jobs. It is a simple typing job any one can do and does not require any special skills.

 It involves the entry of data from one form to another form; for example conversion of data from the picture format (JPEG or PDF) to Microsoft word format.

It only requires :

A. Basic typing skills; where you can type about 30 words per minute.

B. Basic computer skills; where you can operate the computer, internet and Microsoft word documents.

C. Basic knowledge of English where you can read and write simple English.

You can work from the comfort of your home or form an internet/cyber cafe. You have feasible timings; you can work in your convenient time. How much work to do depends on you, you work only when you feel like working. Since this is an opportunity from the Internet you have the flexibility of working from any corner of the world.

Although data entry is the easiest way to earn money online, it consists of the biggest scams of the internet. Out of the 100 websites which says they provide data entry work, only 1 websites is genuine and the rest 99 websites are scam. They take money from you, give work to you and never pay you.

Apart from the conversion of data from picture to word format we have two other types of earning methods in the data entry business. They are called copy-paste jobs.

1. Forum Posting: 
The job is to post online ads in the Internet. You need to post Ads in specific websites and forums provided by the data entry agency. For forum posting you need good writing skills as sometimes you need to interact with the members of the forum before posting the Ads.

In simple words it is a Link building job. You will be posting a number of links in forums. You will earn a good share for posting Simple links in forums. You can either post a new question or reply to any thread on forums.

The link building work is given by large SEO (search engine optimization) companies where they want their customer websites to increase the page ranks in the search engines and to get good traffic.

2. Ad Posting :
The job is to post Ads in the classifieds. You work is to Post Ad content in various classified websites, Message boards and Web directories. The data and the list of free classifieds websites will be provided to you by the data entry providing company.

Ad posting process is simple: Register into the Classified Websites, select categories which actually allows ad posting or the category which suits your ads, copy title and description and paste in classified websites, click on post the AD. That is it; you have completed the job successfully.

The data entry company will provide you all the work details including AD links and website addresses to post the Ads. After posting the Ads you need to send the URL of the link of the forum where you posted the content. You get paid for every valid Ad posting which is reflecting in the website when searched with the URL link.

To find a good data entry site which pays you is very difficult. The only way to be away from these scams is that never pay any data entry websites upfront they give you work.

You need to be careful where data entry providing sites will ask you to pay money for registration, membership and training.

3. How much do you get paid? 
How much you earn purely depends upon how much data entry you do every day. If you do data entry along with the forum posting and Ad posting you have better chances to earn more. Five to six hours of daily work will give a good income.

Accuracy is an important part in this data entry business. You will be paid good amount when your quality of data entry is above 98% and will be less paid when the quality is less. It also depends how you post the Ads into the Ad networks and forums.

Normally you get paid through Check, Online transfer or PayPal

protypers is an example of the sites with pays for data entry of capcha codes.

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