How to Make Money with Captcha

Posted 6/6/2016

how to make money with captchaEarning money entering Capcha codes is really fun and easy. If you don’t know what a capcha code is; it is the small fill in the box field where you have a two word combination displayed and you need to fill in the blanks what you see above.

 Commonly you see this before you can submit a comment on a blog, completing registration or querying on a site. Sites ask you to enter the capcha code so as to confirm you are human and not a BOT, this is to avoid people using BOT which continuously posts comments.

This capcha code may be a combination of letters or numbers or both. Normally we have a two worded capcha codes widely used.These capcha codes are sometimes in italic and sometimes not clearly visible.

You need to enter both the words you see on the top. If you enter only one word and leave the other the capcha code will not be complete. 

Why there is a scope for this type of business opportunity is that there are some sites ready to pay you for entering capcha as they will be getting the work from people who don’t have time to enter capcha or helping the blind as they cannot enter capchas on the internet.

While entering capcha codes you need to be careful as they are case sensitive. The upper and lower case should be entered correctly; i.e. you need to type the Caps and small letter as you see them. When you see one word is not legible out of the two words, you need to type in only the visible line and discard the second one which is not visible. 

You can skip entering when the two words are not legible as sometimes you get completely unreadable image to key in. There is a timer for every capcha you enter and should be completed in the stipulated time. Normally speaking, to enter a two worded capcha you will be given 15 seconds.

1. Statistics Page: 
This is the page to show much you have earned till date. You can see the balance of you account with a break up how much on each day or week. You can also find details like what is the minimum amount you need to reach to cash out, how many capcha codes you have entered and how many are correct and how many are wrong.

You can also find the accuracy rate of yours; this is calculated based on the total number of entries you have done and how many are correct.

2. Earnings: 
Earnings always depend on how much capcha codes you have entered. The time you entered the capcha codes will also make the difference as the amount for every hour is different. Pay rate changes from hour to hour. There is always the rate page which shows you, how much you will earn if you enter the 1000 capcha codes at that particular hour.

Average price ranges is $0.50 to $2 for 1000 entries depending upon the hour you work. Payments are released on weekly basis if you are using: Paypal, Liberty Reserve and Webmoney and will be paid every month if you are using Western Union as the payment option.

3. Affiliates: 
You will earn 10% commission by referring your friends and relatives using the affiliate link. A unique affiliate link will be provided to you after you join the sites which you can use for promoting. You can promote your affiliate links through emails, blogs, classified pages, forums, social networks and so on. You can see the number of referrals you have under the affiliate dash board.

Important points to Remember: 

To be successful in this business opportunity you need to be careful regarding the below points.

1. You need to work faster, the faster you are the more work you can finish. This is really important as there is set time for the entry of each Capcha.

2. Typing speed is important. If you do not type faster, learn how to type faster by practicing on some of the free lessons offered on internet.

3. If you don’t complete the capcha entry in the given time it’s treated as error. The more errors you get will make your account suspended. So be careful on this part.

4. Accuracy is very important. Whatever appears on the image, you need to type the exact words into the blanks and not whatever you think is correct. 

5. Do not click the option of pass the word too many times. You need to use this only if the whole word is not clear but not because you are feeling it difficult.

6. Do not use any automatic software to enter the capcha codes; you need to do this manually. If you use any software, the site will find it out and your account will be suspended.

7. Always leave space between two words, if you don’t leave that is treated as wrong even though you type the correct spelling. On the contrary sometimes you get a single word with much spaces, you need to fill them as a single word without leaving spaces.

8. Do not type any symbols and punctuation marks which appear along with the two words.

Some of the sites like protypers is a good way to earn money entering capcha codes.

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