About Me :


Its about 10 years back, I first started liking the internet and the chunk of websites. As expected the web has grown beyond predictions and gone way too long. After loosing a couple of bucks in the scams on the internet, I was determined to be on the web and was searching desperately for any methods from which we can earn money online easily without much problems.


As there are problems related to each field, but I found out there are a lot of way to do so. I have seen a lot of websites which are good and at the same time have seen a lot of websites with a lot of traffic even though the content was no so good. This gave the thought of writing the articles in the style of a blog on the topic : making money online.


I thought that the research I have done, the experience what I got all these years can be converted  in to a beautiful content website, and so it began. Its about 5 years I have started this website fullbusy.com and have been contributing to the articles when ever I had time. I dream of becoming a full time blogger may be after a couple of years when I reach the maximum visitors coming to my site.


I am one of them who get inspired seeing those who are already successful on the internet with their blogs and websites. The amount of traffic they receive and the ways they make revenue in a world class manner is really commendable. Lot of people who come to internet in search of making money have this idea in their head; can we quit these 9 to 6 Jobs and really be making money at the comfort of home and in desired, flexible working hours. I really dream of it one day when I quit the Job and be a full time blogger.


Its been a wonderful experience working with this site and I will continue to keep writing some good articles; so keep coming.

See you again soon !.